2014 Promise Neighborhoods Program, What It Means, And How It Can Help

Basics of Promise Neighborhoods

The main goal of the Promise Neighborhoods Program is to ensure that all youth raised in Promise Neighborhoods attend quality schools and have strong community and family support, which will help them attain a great education and be successful in both college and their career. Promise Neighborhoods wants to improve the outcomes of youth in current distressed communities.

2014 Promise Neighborhoods Grant

The budget granted for Promise Neighborhoods in 2014 is 300 million dollars, which is exactly five times more than the budget granted for the program in 2012. The money is to be used to expand current Promise Neighborhoods, which will improve the outcomes for children who are currently living in communities characterized by poverty. This Promise Neighborhoods Grant should secure a bright future for many youths in America’s impoverished communities.

Benefits of Promise Neighborhoods

One major benefit of the Promise Neighborhoods Program is that it focuses on identifying as well as increasing the capacity of entities that are dedicated to ensuring a bright future and improving the lives of youth within the neighborhood.

Another benefit of this program is their effort at creating educational programs as well family and community supports. This program truly focuses on helping the youth of a community from cradle to career. Promise Neighborhoods strives to make great schools the center of their program.

Promise Neighborhoods works at integrating various programs and breaking down the “silos” of agencies. Doing so will ensure that all implemented solutions work effectively and efficiently across all agencies instead of a select few of them.

Another benefit of Promise Neighborhoods is their focus on developing local infrastructure as well as all the resources that are required to sustain solutions, as well as scale them up across a larger region beyond the neighborhood where the program began.

A final benefit of Promise Neighborhoods is how reflective of a program it is. This program truly places value on learning about the general impact of their solutions. The program strives to identify the relationship between the various strategies they utilize in Promise Neighborhoods and the outcomes of all the students in that community. They manage to do this through evaluation of the program.

As you can see, there are many benefits of Promise Neighborhoods. This program enables children, who would likely fail to escape the cycle of poverty, attain an excellent education and career. By supporting the Promise Neighborhoods Program, you are supporting the success of disadvantaged children and youth.